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Show me the Money!

Most new traders are attracted to the markets because they believe that it is an easy way to make fast money for very little effort. It’s the “Show me the Money” mentality. The marketing in this industry focuses almost exclusively on instant financial success so I don’t blame people for …

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Conquering Impulsive Trading

Impulsive trading is gambling in another form and it is one of the biggest downfalls for both novice and experienced traders. A trader hits a winning streak on a few trades and feels indestructible. Trade sizes are increased and previous rules for risk management go out the window. Many times the …

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The Perfect Forex EA

In Star Trek Enterprise (Next Generations) Lieutenant Commander DATA was an artificial intelligence, unable to feel emotion and capable of computing complex mathematical equations in milliseconds. DATA got the Ship Enterprise out of some sticky situations over the years. So would Data have been the “ The Perfect Forex EA”? EA’s …

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Forex Trading – Don’t Go All In!

Forex trading and Poker have many similarities, the art of risk and money management being one. A terminology used in poker when a player pushes all his chips over the line, putting everything at risk on one hand is called “ALL IN”. If the player had their full capital on the …

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