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Finding a decent, trustworthy broker is not an easy task. I have worked in the industry for many years and can easily identify the good, the bad and the ugly.

I have partnered with a broker who I believe are one of the best in the industry and one that is favoured predominately by professional traders.

Key Benefits

  1. Market Neutral Execution

Less than 5% of global brokers operate within a market neutral execution environment. It basically means they don’t take the other side of your trade.

Trading is hard enough with out having to worry about your brokers actions or motives. Market neutrality means you don’t have to.

  1. Safety of Funds

Segregated funds and protected by the Gibraltar Investor compensation scheme. Additional layer of protection provided by the parent company GVC Holdings PLC who indemnify all client funds.

  1. No Dealing Desk

Trading positions are automatically offset straight through to the underlying market with no dealer intervention and no re-quotes.

Get a One to One Trading Tutorial

Whether you’re a new or struggling trader this one to one tutorial will help get you started on your trading journey or get you back on track. Tailored made to suit each individual traders circumstances and experience.

Step 1: Open and fund a Live Trading Account using link below

Ireland & UK (Spread Betting)           Rest of World (CFD Account)

               Click Here                                                  Click Here

Step 2: E-mail your trading account number to info@tusatrade.com

Step 3: One to One Tutorial arranged at a time and day that suits

*If you are currently trading, the one to one will consist of a review of your existing trades to identify your approach, style, behaviour/risk and help you establish a new trading plan/set of rules to get you back on track.